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We’ve got some simple goals here at Forvision: we want to create a chill space where writers and readers feel at home, a place to share stories and ideas without any strings attached. Authors, you’ve got full control over your work here, and for our readers, we strive to ensure a place for rich variety of genres and topics. It’s all about community and freedom.
Forvision is a grassroots project. Constructing a space like this is no small task, especially when it's a one-person effort right now. It's going to take time, passion, and a lots of energy. Bear with us.
So, what’s Forvision all about? We’re steering clear of the profit chase — no ads, no pop-ups, no nonsense. We want to keep this space as free and open as possible. Donations are welcome and will go straight to server costs and ensuring we’ve got plenty of cloud storage to house all your amazing work. Though only when the time comes and we cannot finance this project ourself anymore.